Technology in the New Year

I’ve got three things to share with you today. The first is an article entitled Two (Optimistic) Predictions for Learning in 2014.  First off, I like that the author limited it to two. Those Top Ten lists drive me crazy. Anyway, Holly Korbey focuses on self-directed learning using digital tools (invoking Dewey no less) and “opting-in” to authentic assessment, questioning standardized testing and choosing more appropriate alternatives for assessment. If you’re thinking about professional learning goals for 2014, consider these.

I hope you’ve had a chance to look through the most recent edition of Summit News. I got mine over winter break. One of the stories, Flipped Classroom Reflects a Tradition of Innovation, features Rachel Brewbaker and her work using video tutorials with her students. If you would like to learn more about flipping your classroom you might start with this article, Confronting My Flipped Classroom Bias. I’ve been a fan of Educreations for creating tutorials on the iPad, but have recently heard good things about ShowMe. Rachel used (and actually worked with) Doceri. If you would like some help creating video tutorials, let me know. And remember, we all have youtube channels associated with our gmail accounts. Many of you are making use of those, but if you need a refresher, shoot me an email.

And finally, here’s the best thing I’ve read in a while, Transforming Education: The One Thing I’d Change in 2014. I wish I had written this. “In 2014, the change I’d like to see is in how we talk and listen to each other, how all of us — teachers, administrators, students, parents, staff — talk and listen to each other.” This is my goal for the year. If you see me looking at my iphone while I should be listening to you, you have my permission to slap me.

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