This week I want to spotlight one of my favorite resources, Edutopia. Edutopia was established by the George Lucas (think Star Wars) Educational Foundation and is dedicated to “growing a movement of change agents who share best practices and professional development to bring innovation to education and improve student achievement.” Edutopia is not just about using technology but instead seeking out inspiring programs that show how K-12 education can be better. As we move toward forming our PLC’s, I think this a resource to consider.

On their site you can
1) search by grade level for resources and other educators with whom to connect,
2) search a video and resource library of “Schools that Work” and explore the strategies they employ,
3) follow various blogs that address topics ranging from Brain-Based Learning to a Five-Minute Film Festival to New Teacher Support,
4) connect with other educators on a variety of topics (Special Ed, Art/Music/Drama, STEM are a few) through Community Discussions,
5) download free classroom guides. You have to join Edutopia to do this, but it’s free. I just read through their Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning and recommend it. It goes right along with our study of Brain Rules and Mindsets (the article even cites Medina and Dweck).

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